Sunday, August 4, 2013


This is gonna be a long one.. gotta know where I'm coming from.. Get the introduction done and out of the way now, cause no one really cares about that sort of thing.

I'm not sure why, but I've decided to go.. well.. crunchy. I'm already pretty much there in my weird way.. but I've decided to stop using not homemade hair and skin products. Maybe try to eat a little better. I've already gone over a year on cutting out fast food. (Mainly anything that can be served to you through a window.) And It's been close to a year since I've had a soda. Also haven't had alcohol in probably 8 months. Right now we're on day 5 of no energy drinks. (I love them.. cause I am le tired.)(yes, I know that's probably why I am le tired.) Sometime last year I finally get fed up of being overweight and tired. SO, I started to fix it. It's not so hard, I guess. I've lost 40 lbs and I feel alot better. I have about another 40 to go. Which is a lot harder to do. I've fallen in love with Crossfit, however, I am still the laziest person on the planet, so it's not really in love with me. More on that another day.

Back to the crunchy journey. I really have always been like.. get your patchouli stink out of my store when it comes to this sort of thing, I still recycle, use commercial products, wander more into the natural aisles (while downing a red bull), I treat my cats like humans and I eat chicken. I don't throw my gum on the ground. (It kills birds ya know) I'm a lot of contradictions. It works for me.

Previously.. I have used dove body wash and whatever shampoo I felt like. (Head and shoulders green apple makes me really happy...) Clean and clear or whatever on my face.. and then coconut oil as body lotion, when whatever random lotion I picked up at Target wasn't doing what it said it would. Rosewater on my face, and I hardy moisturize. Who has time for that?

I am pretty much already blessed with soft clear skin and nice hair. Why? Because I don't try to have these things. They concern me, but they do not define me as a person, I really don't give a hoot if my hair is kinda frizzy or oily. I never really got into makeup and perfume. Makeup is way too much effort and most perfume makes my tummy hurt. I get no more than 3 zits a month and they coincide with my period. What do I do about them..? Nothing. I go, oh man, guess I should wash my face, and then go to bed. As it stands, I shower every neveruary. That's a lie, but its AT MOST, every other day, and usually its more like every 3rd or 4th day. Even on workout days.

Now, I know if you've stuck it out this long, you're probably like.. oh this chick is gross. ew. Guess again. I'm quite glowy and relatively scent free. Lucky I guess.

Now. I've been growing my hair out for about a year. It's been short and spiky for the last, I don't know, since high school and that was a long time ago.
So now that it's about shoulder length, I'm trying to figure out what to do with it besides wear it in a ponytail.. It used to be bleached platinum and then I went dark brown close to my natural color for the growing out process. So about half of it is fried under the nice brown/red color and the rest is pretty much natural growth.
About a week ago, I used shampoo for the last time. I was determined to just use conditioner from here on. And no more brushing. ever. Well.. it worked, I guess. But I put too much product in it afterwards and made it crunchy.. So then I conditioned again, added more conditioner, put it into my new found pillowcase drying towel and set it and forget it.. Beautiful amazing hair happened. For like.. a week!

Now, yesterday, I made my own stuff. I made modified versions, that might work for me, and not you.. links at the bottom.
Body wash,
Body scrub.

Anything skin related? Worked wonderfully, no problems. I learned I don't love lemongrass scent. Womp.
Olive oil and a razor. Boom. You'll thank me later.
I already use rosewater and witch hazel on my face.

Now, my hair..

My combination of castile soap + coconut milk + drop of honey = tangled mess. So then, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) + water = not any better. So then.. honey + water = slightly better.

 In an effort to get my fingers through my hair, I added a couple drops of olive oil then jojoba. And finally got a comb through that 'ish. Went to bed. Longingly staring at my Ion leave in conditioner spray. But I held firm.

Woke up this morning with the waxiest, greasiest but yet straw like hair. Gross by my really low standards.

So after a little more research, I decided to go with eggs. Blender bottle, two eggs and a dash of coconut milk, because I really can't follow anyones directions. And cling wrap, and now a really long rambling blog post, leaves me with about to rinse out my hair, and hopefully have glorious shiny bouncy hair.

Well.. I'm off to rinse the eggs out of my hair. Hopefully.. they aren't scrambled. hah

So.. thanks to a few people for recipes.. and help. I'm not sure how this tip your hat to other bloggers thing goes.. so.. pretty  much anything I found.. came from one of these places.
crunchy betty
   3 ingredient face oil
   not a secret deodorant
   semi-homemade body wash

   honey shampoo

the frugal model - egg hair treatments (Eggs!)

wellnessmama (Dry shampoo that involves cocoa, I'm in)

No Poo Project

No poo community on Livejournal  (I found my hair twin, who I'm sad to know, quit being poo free)

There's egg in my hair. Wha?

So, I rinsed the egg goo off my hair, and it still felt awful. I rinsed with a cup of white vinegar and several cups of water. And it felt less waxy. SO then, I tried to let it dry, I could tell it was gross, and that I smelled like an easter egg..  I worked a tiny bit of coconut oil through it, which immediately made it grosser and oily. I broke down and combed it and then brushed with a bristly brush. It helped. But it's still pretty gross. Poo Free may not be for me. I'll give it a couple days, which really just means until payday, (I probably wont even shower between now and then, so it doesn't count.) So I can buy some as crunchy as possible, but someone has tested and bottled and marketed, conditioner.